WeLevel GmbH Privacy Policy for SolidRiver

Effective Date: 01.03.2023

1. Overview

At WeLevel GmbH, we prioritize your privacy when you play SolidRiver. This document outlines the ways we handle, collect, and protect your data.

2. Data We Gather

When you play SolidRiver, we may collect information such as your username and email address. Additionally, we gather details about your in-game activity, which includes achievements, in-app purchases, and game preferences. We also obtain technical details from your device, like its model, the operating system version, and your general location.

3. How We Utilize Your Data

We use your data to provide a seamless gameplay experience, enhance the game based on player feedback and preferences, and, if you've opted in, distribute newsletters, updates, or promotional content.

4. Sharing and Disclosure

Your personal data is valuable and private. We neither rent nor sell it.

5. Keeping Your Data Safe

Your data's security is our commitment. We safeguard it using advanced encryption methods and adopt best-practice security protocols to prevent unauthorized access.

6. Rights You Hold

Depending on your residence, you have specific rights related to your data. You might have the option to review, update, or request the deletion of your data. Additionally, you can oppose or limit the ways we process your data. For any related inquiries or to exercise your rights, you can contact us at [email protected] .

7. Cookies and Other Tools

In our effort to enhance SolidRiver's functionality and obtain game-related analytics, we sometimes use cookies or similar tracking tools.

8. Policy Modifications

As WeLevel GmbH evolves, we might need to make changes to this Privacy Policy. Whenever significant changes occur, we will ensure that we communicate them to you, either within the game interface or through emails.

9. Reach Out to Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding this policy or your data, please get in touch with us:

WeLevel GmbH