we build mobile and web apps for innovators
about us
at welevel, we love to turn ideas into reality. we are product enthusiast that specialise in building elegant MVPs in weeks, not months. we believe in technology and assume that most problems can be solved with code.

our world-class team is fluent in Ruby on Rails, Elixir, Node.js, Scala, React, React Native, and we design, develop, test and train so your product is rock-solid and user-friendly.

let's create something that your customers will love.

our work
we've worked on a variety of consumer and SaaS applications with a wide range of clients, each with a unique problem set and perspective. please find below a selection of products and partners.

what we do
we level you up. from idea to launch and beyond. we write and design elegantly crafted, scalable and well tested software to solve user problems in a delighting way. we are huge fans of the hybrid app approach as they combine the advantages of native and web apps and drastically shorten your time-to-market.
our UX experts help you translate your idea into actionable concepts and user stories.
we create amazing software with modern battle approved technologies like Ruby on Rails, Elixir, Node.js, Scala, React and React Native.
we help you win and retain users with a product that allows for data and event-based marketing activities.

we're a growing team of 15 developers and product experts that focuses on creating amazing user experiences.
malte scholz
co-founder & product enthusiast
malte is a passionate product manager and technology enthusiast with deep knowledge in launching cross-platform SaaS and e-commerce products.
christian hoffmeister
co-founder & chief of tech
christian loves chasing bugs and fixing open source projects. he is a full-stack developer by heart and is interested in blockchain technologies, machine learning and cars.

how can we help?
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