Jobs @ welevel
Unreal Developer
In our team, developers take care of inventory, multiplayer, building system, etc. They prototype new gameplay elements and integrate them with the other team members. Deep knowledge in unreal is an absolute must and experience in other game engines will not be considered.

Your skills
  • Excellent knowledge in blueprint
  • A basic understanding of inherited classes
  • Worked at least on one game before (in unreal)
  • A good overview on how to do blueprinting in a big team
  • Using functions with return nodes instead of events
    (Not considering RPCs)
  • Know how to come along with max 20 nodes per function
  • Using categories and comments to structure your code
Knowing some c++ or Behaviour Tree / AI stuff would be a bonus.
As an artist you would take care of foliage like trees, create buildings and also tailor some new outfits for our hero.

Your skills
  • Knowing blender or a similar software
  • Know how to use megascans, bridge and mixer
  • Good knowledge of z-brush and substance painter
  • Having a basic understanding of unreal shaders
  • Good knowledge of topology flow and anatomy
  • Good understanding of animation principles
Knowing how to bring your assets into unreal and work with them is a must.
Unreal Technical Artist
Our best friends at welevel are megascans, bridge and mixer. As a technical artist you would mainly work as a link between the developers and the artists.

Your skills
  • Know how to use blueprints
  • Quixel is your second home
  • Know how to work in an open world environment and maintain performance
  • Having a detailed understanding of unreal shaders
  • Knowing how to create materials and material instances in unreal
  • Making material variables and functions and know how to expose them
Knowing how to animate characters would be a bonus.