welevel business intelligence – your way to a data-driven ...
we are able to do 360° business intelligence. from a strategy matched to your enterprise to identified your needs and stablished the BI solution. we are not tied to any particular technology. we are huge fans of tailored solutions. we know what enterprises need:
business requirements
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BI strategy
Create a BI Strategy and a roadmap aligned with your ambition level, infrastruture, competencies and future needs.
Find the BI front-end tool that matches your organisation's users and needs.
data visualization / reporting / training
Learn the BI discipline of data visualisation to enhance the message in your data. A successful BI solution is a solution that is in use and loved by its users – educate and train your users to accomplish success
our BI work
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what we do – technologies and processes
our world-class team is fluent in different bi technologies as SAP BO, Qlik Sense, Pentaho, Periscope, Tableau and we develop, implement, test and train so your product is rock-solid and user-friendly.
our experts help you to determine your status quo, identify your needs, and establish the requirements for your BI solution.
we support and guide you on the integration, set up, and execution of your BI strategy.
level up
we help you reach your goals using easy, friendly and professional visualisation.
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